Dartmouth Pano Snowstorm

360° fixed-point, cylindrical panorama of Dartmouth Green.

Dartmouth Pano Winter Blue Sky

360° multi-viewpoint panorama. Captured hundreds of photos taken from different, strategic locations on the Green over the span of two days. Integrated dozens of these photos, chosen for different lighting qualities, cloud positions, view of buildings through trees, foreshortening/scale atributes, etc.

Dartmouth Sunset Panorama

Second 360° multi-viewpoint panorama commission; images had to be captured right after the 2007 graduation when a truck trailer and over a thousand graduation chairs covered half the Green. Post processing was reduced dramatically by clearing wedges of chairs ( ~10% ) and leveraging properties of parallax cancelation (e.g. like how one's brain cancels out one's nose from both eyes' fields of view).